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rtimmer 01-01-2018 15:37

V: Top Spiderman Black
For sale is a Spiderman Black!

I bought the pinball in 2007, new in box. It hasnít been played a lot. The pinball was kept original, no fancy things attached.

After 10 years, the pinball still looks like it came out of the box. The best original condition there is to find. Because of this condition, Iím looking for Ä 9.250


I prefer contact using email, you can answer me in German if you like.
The pinball is located in Ommen near the German border.

rtimmer 12-01-2018 22:06

AW: V: Top Spiderman Black
Update: 9100

rtimmer 19-01-2018 21:07

AW: V: Top Spiderman Black
Update: 8950

rtimmer 28-01-2018 14:30

AW: V: Top Spiderman Black

rtimmer 17-02-2018 18:17

AW: V: Top Spiderman Black

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